Moon in Rearview Mirror

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 x 3" d 27.5" h  x 19.5" w
160 lbs. 2 oz.
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About this artwork

Found, reclaimed and resurrected- an abstract wood relief “painting” of poplar, cedar, birch, hemlock and pine blocks held within an antique window frame. Pieces of wood that have been discovered in abandoned barns in Maine, saved from kitchen remodels in Massachusetts, pulled out from a razed rectory built in 1893, worn by Moosehead Lake or washed up on the beach. Colors may range from ebony to green to beige to grey to umber to brownish red- soft washes that highlight the grain of the wood. Each block has been individually cut, shaped and sanded to smooth out the ravages of time. Contemplative & serene, this sculpted wall piece fits beautifully into all décor, from modern to country.
Artist Heather Patterson

Heather Patterson

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