Weighs and Means

mixed media artwork on composite board
Painting wraps around edges
Ready to Hang
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 x 2" d 24" h  x 24" w
4 lbs. 10 oz.
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About this artwork

The play on words in the title relates to the aspects of balance and weighing that are at the center of this work. Incised lines were cut through the central orange surface to reveal the prepared white gesso base underneath. To provide this structure, the lines were scratched along the edges of the connected rods that make up two 'stick chart' frameworks.Part of David's signature series of minimalist abstractions inspired by his long standing love of language and words. In each collage painting he methodically pieces together the composition, building a story through the suggestion of specific objects - such as bowls, tents and tools - and their relationship with one another. What doesn't come across in a piece is the time it takes, the journey made, the lengthy process of selection and the changes undergone, explains David. Often I take away, remove sometimes more shapes, than are added.

Artist David Felix

David Felix

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