Golden Glow

oil painting on stretched canvas
Finished white edges
Ready to Hang Varnished and 
Signed on Front and Back
 x 1.5" d 36" h  x 60" w
5 lbs. 0 oz.
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About this artwork

Artist Jose Luis Bermudez presents a tranquil lake bathed in a radiant golden light. The atmosphere envelops this setting, providing a sense of stability and connection to the earth, says Jose Luis. The water reflects a magical and captivating effect as the sun sits low in the sky, just above the trees. Plants reach for the last rays, vibrant and full of life, while the atmosphere glows with deep yellow hues. Jose Luis invites the viewer to contemplate nature's fleeting beauty and appreciate the magic that can exist in a single moment. The painting arrives with a thin white floating frame.

Artist Jose Luis Bermudez

Jose Luis Bermudez

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