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Jose Luis Bermudez
Miami , Florida
Artist Jose Luis Bermudez brings to life natural sceneries with breathtaking detail. His realistic oil paintings invite the viewer into a captivating, serene world of golden sunsets and peaceful wetlands. “I offer a fragment of my existence, where you can escape from daily life, visit beautiful scenes and moments, or simply recall a fond memory,” says Jose Luis. Graduating in 2008 with a BA from the San Alejandro School of Fine Arts in Havana, Cuba, he later shared his expertise as a painting teacher at his alma mater. In 2014, he took the leap and moved to Miami, Florida, seeking better opportunities. The decision did not come easy for Jose Luis to leave his home country. Yet, he encountered career obstacles that made him feel artists lacked the resources and opportunities for broader impact, access to more information, and improved working conditions. These challenges became the catalyst for his bold decision to make the move. Today, he paints in a spacious, well-lit studio, which he keeps clean and organized, always accompanied by piano or instrumental music. When he is not painting, he loves connecting with nature. He travels outside the city to places removed from everyday life, breathing fresh air and listening to self-improvement audio books to charge him with energy and continue.
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Artist Statement

Exploring environments, shapes, figures, colors, and the interplay of open spaces and intricate details has been a lifelong passion driving my artistic journey. Whether translating the world around me or delving into the recesses of my imagination, my ultimate joy is transcribing these experiences onto canvas or paper. I am an avid admirer of life's inherent beauty. My artistic objective is to give viewers a glimpse into my world, a portal through which they can momentarily detach from their everyday lives. I aim to transport them to diverse landscapes, fleeting moments, alternate realities, or perhaps rekindle cherished memories.

Artist Background

San Alejandro School of Fine Arts
Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2008
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