Roger That

mixed media artwork on wood
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 x 1.75" d 8" h  x 24" w
10 lbs. 0 oz.
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About this artwork

I love that we can turn sheets of paper into an afternoon of soaring adventures over tropical islands, with terrible beasts and beautiful waterfalls, with our trusty wingmen by our sides. These are not just robots, machines built by man and equipped with only computational abilities. They have souls and boundless imaginations and they yearn for friendship and fun! They exhibit only the purest expression of companionship here by enjoying a timeless game of let's pretend'.

This wood panel was blanketed first with the torn, yellowed pages of a novel, then painted over with transparent blue/purple acrylic so that the text is readily visible on all sides, as well as in some more transparent areas of the painting. The image itself is done in oil. The work comes wired and ready to hang.
Artist Diane Flick

Diane Flick

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