Bot's First Bath

mixed media artwork on wood
Signed on Front
 x 1.75" d 12" h  x 16" w
10 lbs. 0 oz.
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About this artwork

One's first bath is an adorable and memorable mark in a new life. I have just become a mother, and am so thoroughly enjoying moments like this with my new little boy. For a robot, bathing comes with the added complication of avoiding rust and material degradation. However, that is not a problem for this family, equipped with the necessary preventative fluids. Baby shows surprise, but will soon sink into the luxury of being adored in so many of which is the process of being lovingly cleaned. This piece is made of hand cut and torn paper adhered to a cradled wood panel with matte medium. The sides are finished with imagery of various colorful quilts. The work comes wired and ready to hang.

Artist Diane Flick

Diane Flick

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