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Diane Flick
Menlo Park, California
Artist Diane Flick depicts surrealist scenes that explore human experiences through inanimate objects. She shows sentience to non-sentient beings through the lenses of playfulness, emotional warmth, and dramatic childlike imagination. "Each piece makes me feel really happy," shares Diane. "First in concept, then in execution, then in the flow of sending it out for someone else to enjoy." She relishes animating her subjects in her works, bringing newness and segues into disparate themes from the same intention and philosophy. She pursued her MA at California State University to sharpen her craft. She then worked as a graphic designer, moved to San Francisco, and answered an ad to teach art. Today, she lets her imagination run free at her home studio, built by her husband, with her help. The wonderful sunshine and fresh air offer the perfect environment for her to paint with ease. Diane continues to teach at an after-school art program, sharing her knowledge while keeping her inspired. Relaxing and unwinding mean she gets to spend her spare time with her husband and two sons.
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Artist Statement

Inspired by the delicate balance of the physical and emotional world, I have recently begun exploring the concept of stacking objects in my paintings, affectionately calling them my "Stacks" series. Each piece starts with a single subject, usually an animal or a machine. I then choose objects that, while not necessarily making sense in the physical world, visually harmonize well when stacked together.

Once the composition is drawn, I begin painting with a rudimentary layer in oil, followed by subsequent, more detailed layers. One of my favorite parts of the process is adjusting the colors toward the end of a piece. By applying subtle transparent glazes of oil color over the earlier, more dense and textured layers, I ensure each object reflects the colors of the objects nearby.

My hope for each piece is that it finds a home that brings joy into the quirky hearts of its inhabitants. As a surrealist at heart, this series builds on the joy of my previous works, singing to me daily and drawing me to my easel every chance I get.

Artist Background

California State University, Dominguez Hills
Master of Arts, 2003
University of California, Santa Barbara
Bachelor of Arts, 1999
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