4 Tips for Incorporating Art in Pursuit of the Perfect Closet

In the Sex and the City series (and the numerous associated spin-offs), Carrie Bradshaw was known for her love of a good closet, even forsaking a diamond ring in favor of a fabulous "really big" New York apartment closet. The fictional Ms. Bradshaw isn't alone in her pursuit of the dream closet. Many real-life homeowners are incorporating a walk in closet design to turn these practical spaces into the ultimate dressing room.



In our series about art in unique places within your home, we're taking a closer at how to identify your art preferences and make the best use of spaces you might not otherwise consider for showing off your art. We're sharing some walk in closet ideas utilizing art and decor to make this valuable space next-level fabulous.


1. Complement Your Home Design

Not sure where to begin with identifying the best art and decor for your new or remodeled closet? When setting out to dress up your dream closet, first consider your home's more general design and overall aesthetic.“A Time for Reflection” by UGallery artist Mary PrattIf your master bedroom has classic romantic details, decorating your closet with glamorous art and chandelier lighting is a great way to carry through a consistent and visually-pleasing approach. If you're artfully outfitting your closet in a modern minimalist home, on the other hand, sleek lines and abstract geometric art may be the way to go.“The Center Holds” by UGallery artist Gwen Gunter

2. Be Deliberate With Details

Whether it's wall dressings, lighting, or the full length mirror you utilize to make sure your belt coordinates with your shoes, incorporate interesting details as part of your plans for an up-styled closet. Task lighting serves an important function in your closet but that doesn't mean it has to be boring. These items which make our lives easier can also add a touch of style.

Speaking of design details, wallpaper and paint colors can make a big impact in a closet. Experts often recommend neutral colors for a more sophisticated look, but many also acknowledge that vibrant paint hues can inject interest and personality into smaller spaces.

Want a closet like Carrie Bradshaw's? We've discovered the cornflower blue paint product that created the backdrop to her funky and fabulous wardrobe is still available for a color splash within your own home.


3. Fashion-forward Theming“Cosmopolitan” by UGallery artist Rick “Marlowe” Schneider

Art and fashion go hand-in-hand, so theming your walk in closet or dressing room with art that reflects iconic style makes perfect sense. Maybe it's a fashion-inspired artwork or the rows of color-coordinated high heels on your open shelves. Identifying a fashionable focal point can serve as inspiration for creating a cosmopolitan closet almost as captivating as the chic attire that hangs within its walls.

4. Make Art of Your AccessoriesCloset photo by Chastity Cortijo

If you consider your favorite high heels or designer tie collection a masterpiece, showcase these cherished pieces as if they were art. Glass-front cabinets are the perfect place to display your favorite Manolas, for example. Individually sectioned handcrafted boxes could be utilized to display the interesting patterns of your favorite ties.

Dedicated lighting such as backlit nooks or overhead recessed lighting are great options for shining a spotlight on these beloved closet essentials. When creatively and prominently featured, jewelry, shoes, bags, and accessories of all kinds can be an eye-catching and clever (dare we say, artistic) component of a well-designed closet.

We hope these tips have added value to your closet design and decor endeavors. Still looking for more art ideas for the perfectly dressed closet? You can peruse original art with new works posted weekly on our website.