How to Choose the Best Wall Art for Your Bedroom

When UGallery client Andy acquired a calming seascape of the sun breaking through clouds, he had his bedroom in mind. Desiring a piece of art that could cover his television when it wasn’t in use, he chose “Surfers Beach Sky,” an acrylic painting by UGallery artist Sheila Finch.

“It’s going to be a standout feature of the room,” Andy told us.

When it comes to choosing art for home bedrooms, a sense of tranquility, like Andy created, works best. After all, this is the space that you’ll retreat to for relaxation and sleep. 


Choose Artwork for Different Kinds of Bedrooms

Your own personal bedroom is likely not the only bedroom in your home. So consider the kind of mood that you’d like to create with art pieces in the rooms where family and friends will sleep.

Art for a Guest Bedroom

For a guest bedroom, choose wall art that you like but that will also appeal to visitors. Aim to make them feel comfortable with serene landscape and seascape paintings in soft colors. If you entertain a lot of out-of-towners, consider a piece of art of your city or town that will give them a good sense of the place.

Art for a Child’s Bedroom

For a child’s room, select art that conveys fun, playfulness or whimsy. But also think about pieces that aren’t too childlike, as you’ll want your kids to be able to grow into the art as they get older.

Art for Small Bedrooms

If you have limited space in your bedroom, make sure not to clutter the walls with too much wall art, or the room will appear smaller in size than it is. Choosing the right size art is key to great interior design. Selecting one large art piece or creating one small gallery wall will ensure that the art won’t overwhelm the space.


Display Your Intimate Art

The bedroom is a much more private space than other rooms of the home, so keep in mind that your most intimate pieces of art can be reserved for these walls. This is where you can hang artwork that features nudes and not worry about guests’ reactions to it. You can also display pieces that hold personal meaning for you, such as a portrait of you and your partner on your wedding day.

Find the Best Places to Showcase Artwork

Wall art works well above the bed in the bedroom, especially if you choose one big piece that makes a statement on its own. To balance the room, think about selecting a second large piece for the wall across from the bed. And if you share a bedroom with a partner, it can be fun to choose artwork that reflects your interests or personalities.

Art on the wall above your bed should be high enough that you don’t touch it with your head when reclining, but not too high that it feels disconnected from the room. And it’s important to refrain from hanging heavy wall art above where you sleep, or in other places where it could fall and cause injury.

Choose the Right Colors for Bedroom Art

To create a calming atmosphere using color, UGallery client Deb purchased a 48” by 58.25” oil painting of a group of koi fish, in and out of focus, gliding through luminous turquoise water. Titled “Aquarium II,” the painting, by UGallery artist Elizabeth Rickert, submerges the viewer into a quiet, underwater moment.“Aquarium II” (Sold), by Elizabeth RickertBecause it’s so important to create the right mood in your most personal space, the colors used by artists in the work can make a big impact on the tone of the room. Blues, greens and purples create a calm atmosphere, while reds, oranges and yellows build energy. Blacks and whites work well for a more clean and cool energy.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled with the huge, intensely beautiful painting,” Deb told us, after hanging “Aquarium II” on a wall in her home. “Looking at it makes me happy and more serene every day.”