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Oil painting on Unstretched canvas New

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69" h x 58" w x .2" d |2 lbs. 0 oz.

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Artist Barbara Safronova mixed elements of abstract and Pop Art in this bright, engaging portrait. A woman styled as a vintage pinup plays the clarinet in a deconstructed space. When asked about her inspiration for the painting, Barbara said "Days are a kaleidoscope, everything is planned and under control. Only stepping out and seeing from a distance can really allow us to think big - think about the Earth. We need to run away from our private concerns to hear the voice of the Earth. And the most challenging part is to actually keep going in trusting our intuition. We are too small to see the bigger scale. But everything has a plan."

Please note: due to its size, this piece will ship from the artist's studio in Russia unstretched and rolled in a tube. Please contact our art advisors at 415-742-8417 for any questions about shipping and re-stretching.

Barbara "Barbsie" Safronova

Moscow, Russia

Artist Barbara "Barbsie" Safronova arranges her figures in traditional poses that can be traced back to Renaissance and ancient art, however, she groups her subjects into powerful communities of women. Using bright, modern colors, she illustrates the unique traits of each figure and the strength of women coming together. Barbara was born and raised in Russia and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Moscow Pedagogical State University. After graduating in 2015, she made a life-changing move to London to pursue her MFA in Portraiture at the renowned art school Central Saint Martins. "This was a precious era of freedom and creativity which opened many doors for me," says Barbara. "I discovered my true self and how easy it is to open your heart to the world, as the most important thing is to embrace the fact we are all so different in our needs and this difference makes the beauty of our life." Today, Barbara works from two studio locations - a big, white, clean space in the countryside where she can paint big canvases, and a smaller space in the city where she creates all of her sketches and small scale works.

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