I'm always captivated by the fall colors and shapes. I began this piece by squirting acrylic ink on paper, pressing in leaves, squirting and spritzing and then covering and weighting it for a few hours. When it was dry enough to hold the shapes, I unwrapped everything. It's always fun to see what happens to the colors and shapes. The next step is the most difficult–what is the piece going to be, what does it say. I decided on chickadees and leaves while keeping a lot of the original texture.

- Melissa Gannon

Fluttery Leaves

Watercolor and acrylic inks on paper

Ready to frame

Signed on front and back

15" h x 18.25" w 
0 lbs. 10 oz.



Melissa Gannon
Gladstone, Oregon

Getting to Know Melissa

Melissa is passionate about color. She finds it to be the most significant form of inspiration to paint. Speaking on influences in her work, Melissa says, “Sometimes it’s an idea that I can’t get out of my head, or a color that I just MUST paint!” She particularly enjoys painting leaves, and the changing colors of Oregon foliage are visible in her work. In 2001, Melissa began teaching art classes, which has allowed her to view her own artwork in a new way. “The information that flows in a class is awesome,” she says. Melissa is constantly learning from the students in her classes, and is more conscious of what it means to be an artistic role model.