Three Girls Having a Picnic in the Countryside

watercolor painting on paper
Ready to Frame
Signed on Front and Back
 x 0" d 27.55" h  x 19.68" w
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About this artwork

Three ladies enjoy a healthy and refreshing spread in a grassy field. Artist Javier Ortas says the painting was inspired by the many family picnics in the field during his childhood summers. Part of his long running series of people enjoying everyday activities, painted from his imagination without any visual references. He starts with a single sketch to determine the composition and then begins drawing, with most of the colors already mapped out in his head. It is an important moment, Javier explains, getting the colors right is crucial to achieve balance.Measurements are for the full size paper 27.55 x 19.68, and the approximate painted area is 22 x 15. Under the painted area in the right corner in pencil is the title of the work in Spanish, Tres chicas merendando en el campo, the signature and the year in two digits (11). It is also signed on the back.

Artist Javier Ortas

Javier Ortas

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