The Hydra

oil painting on stretched canvas
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 x 1.5" d 30" h  x 24" w
4 lbs. 0 oz.
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About this artwork

This piece is the first in a series that utilizes Greek mythology as an inspiration, but goes in a more introspective direction; creating a sort of personal mythology of my own heroes, monsters and legends. This piece draws inspiration from the Lernaen Hydra, only instead of multiple serpentine heads, this girl is beset with multiple hands, each one harriedly attending to its own task, pulling her in conflicting directions while she just wants to rest. A sentiment I think most can relate to after a busy week or a stressful day at work. This painting is on clear-gessoed canvas, chosen specifically to let the natural color and texture of the fabric show through, and features layers of paint and safflower oil of varying thicknesses to create texture.
Artist Sumner Crenshaw

Sumner Crenshaw

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