Sunset in Leiden

oil painting on metal
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 x 0.12" d 11" h  x 14" w
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About this artwork

Leiden is a small city in the Netherlands (between Amsterdam and The Hague), with a big reputation. One of the most well-known artists of all time, Rembrandt, was born here. We arrived in Leiden as the rain stopped and the sun was starting to set. While we were standing on the bridge looking at the canal and the windmill in the distance, the reflections of the sun-lit clouds in the water became overwhelmingly beautiful. It felt as though the whole sky was looking in the mirror. It is impossible to convey such power and beauty that nature has. I kept thinking how to even attempt to translate that mirror-like effect with paint. And I decided to use the aluminum board as a surface. I left parts of the board to show through, which adds additional qualities to this painting. It looks somewhat different under different light.
Artist Oksana Johnson

Oksana Johnson

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