oil painting on stretched canvas
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 x 2.5" d 48" h  x 42" w
5 lbs. 0 oz.
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About this artwork

Elpis was the Ancient Greek personification of hope and expectations. As I have been reflecting a lot lately on what I need to do to achieve my hopes and dreams, I've been caught between not letting my expectations of what things should be get me down, and still hanging on to my hopes. Some say modifying dreams leads to balance and avoids disappointment; I, for one, can't let go of my dreams. The figure in this painting is in a similar place, as she regretfully scatters her hopes and allows herself to be pulled away. Like many of us, she is trying to be at peace, but also not give up.

Designed as a companion piece to Gossip, this piece features the same strong contrast and morphing figurations. It has black gallery-wrapped edges and is wired for hanging.
Artist Sumner Crenshaw

Sumner Crenshaw

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