An Ode to the Marvel

oil painting on stretched canvas
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 x 1.25" d 28" h  x 22" w
29 lbs. 0 oz.
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About this artwork

This painting has a life of its own, as the woman absolutely willed herself into existence. Although I attempted to rework her face several times to something else I had in mind, I felt compelled to wipe the paint back down to its original manifestation, which is how I’ve left it and how you see it now. I think this process has lent it a classical, fresco-like appearance, yet the piece also features my signature style of fast and loosely applied paint in other areas. I love how this all played out on the surface and feel it's a really special piece. The title is a mere tip of the hat to another painting by contemporary master, Borremans, who remains a constant inspiration.
Artist Malia Pettit

Malia Pettit

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