Colorful Ducks

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Painting wraps around edges
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 x 1.5" d 24" h  x 24" w
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About this artwork

As part of artist Yelena Sidorova's Birds series, this piece features a vibrant display of intricately painted ducks surrounded by colorful flowers. The artwork celebrates the distinctive qualities of silk painting, emphasizing its softness, shimmering appearance, and the jewel-like results of the mediums. The creation process involves dyes and acrylic paints, where the colors swiftly move across the fabric to achieve a blending effect. A resist material controls the spreading of the dyes, allowing for the development of bold lines, distinct shapes, and intricate details. As the final step, Yelena steams the surface to enhance its vibrancy and ensure its color-fastness.
Artist Yelena Sidorova

Yelena Sidorova

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