Penguin & Cactus

gouache painting on canvas board
Painting wraps around edges
Ready to Frame
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 x 0.5" d 10" h  x 8" w
1 lbs. 0 oz.
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About this artwork

A prickly cactus stands on an angular plane while a baby penguin rests in the foreground. Artist Heejin Sutton placed these two varying objects which can not be seen together in real life to present the imbalances and irregularities in our world. Hate and love, good and evil, joy and sorrow, Heejin states. However, in her painting, the imbalance is hidden. Instead, tranquility, peace, and happiness stand out. I wanted to show the happiness and peace we continually pursue and long for, even in the middle of this imperfect world. Heejin layers Korean mulberry paper on a wooden panel with homemade flour glue. She then applies a glue base on which she draws her sketch and traces it on paper. Afterward, Heejin paints three or four layers of background color using gouache. Lastly, she adds the subject in fine detail. The background color can be uneven. This is what this special paper is meant to be.

Artist Heejin Sutton

Heejin Sutton

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