A Warm Interior

encaustic artwork on wood
Collaged edges
Ready to Hang
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 x 1.75" d 18.5" h  x 18.5" w
10 lbs. 0 oz.
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About this artwork

A warm and vibrant display of orange and yellow flowers in vases, with fruits, cutlery, and wine by artist James Hartman. A painting hangs against the red wall while a view of another room peeks from the left. Part of James' series of interiors using collage, beeswax, and oil paints. My process is by experiment since the ancient art of encaustics was once lost, shares James. He fuses the pigment into beeswax giving them permanence, preserving the vibrant colors. I like to begin the process by collaging antique or vintage papers to the wood panel. Bits of this imagery peeks through where designated and are little windows in time.

Artist James Hartman

James Hartman

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