Night Time Chronicles

acrylic painting on stretched canvas
Finished white edges
Ready to Hang Varnished and 
Signed on Front and Back
 x 1.25" d 39.5" h  x 53.5" w
7 lbs. 0 oz.
Ships free

About this artwork

This piece is part of Voskan's ongoing series of abstract expressionist paintings. He spends many hours over multiple sessions creating each piece. Sometimes he will work on a painting for months or even years until he finds the right inspiration to complete the composition. This piece was created thinking about the actions of a day, after which we ruminate over the things that happened throughout the day. It also reflects on the anxieties we feel after a long day, where we worry about the things that were said or done, says Voskan.

Artist Voskan Galstian

Voskan Galstian

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