Fragmentation B

acrylic painting on wood
Signed on Front and Back
 x 1.63" d 12" h  x 12" w
1 lbs. 0 oz.
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About this artwork

Fragmentation B is part of the Fragmentation series. This series of abstract paintings plays with notions of deconstruction and movement. Can something broken remain whole? With Fragmentation, lines connect, disconnect and reconnect over the multilayered surface, intertwining strokes through a dynamic rhythm of hues. Each piece and each application of color is independent and unique, but once juxtaposed to the next its effects are transformed. With a palette that limits spatial recession, each fragment appears to be almost floating on the surface, moved by an unknown current, ready to be reconstructed – or deconstructed anew – through the act of looking. This painting is done on a thin layer of wood mounted on thick pine wood frame. The edge is 1.63 inch deep, including the top layer of wood. The glossy varnish applied to the painting offers both protection and a sophisticated finish. The edges have been sanded and varnished as well, for a polished contemporary look bringing forward the natural color and grain of the wood. This artwork is wired to hang.
Artist Marie-Eve Champagne

Marie-Eve Champagne

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