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Free Shipping and Returns!



We offer free shipping in the United States on all our artwork. Additional charges may be applied at checkout for international orders.


We want you to love your new art, so if a piece doesn't quite work in your space, return it within seven days of receiving your order and we'll issue you a refund for the price of the art.

Art must be returned in its original packaging. We will pay for return shipping on pieces measuring up to 50 inches on the longest side. For larger artwork we charge a return shipping fee of $300. Customers located outside of the United States are responsible for the cost of return shipping and any duties.

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For media inquiries, please contact Margaretta Ryan at or 415-742-8417.
Observer, April 2018

The Observer reports the success female artists are finding at UGallery. As an online gallery, UGallery contributes to correcting the gender divide across the arts by offering opportunities outside of traditional structures that have historically excluded women.

New York Times, February 2018

The New York Times profiles the increasing role of the internet as a sales channel for older emerging artists. UGallery artist, Suzanne Massion, is featured for her successful transition online at UGallery and selling artwork online.

Los Angeles Times, August 2017

The Los Angeles Times uncovers how thoughtfully curated online galleries such as UGallery are successfully bridging the gap between emerging artists and aspiring collectors by sidestepping high-end, bricks-and-mortar galleries.

Chicago Tribune, August 2017

UGallery will be opening its first pop-up retail space in a collaboration called IRL at Water Tower Place in Chicago.

BRIT+CO, May 2017

Crate and Barrel partnership announced highlighting collaboration that "will seriously elevate your gallery wall". Collection launches with 28 UGallery artists at

Forbes, February 2017

As UGallery has grown and increased its exposure, it has become easier for self-employed artists on the site, like Iris Scott and Mary Pratt, to make a living in what has always been a challenging field.

Barron's, February 2017

Online art sales are painting a pretty picture. With the online art market expected to reach $9.6 billion by 2020, Barron's highlights UGallery and UGallery artist Iris Scott to exemplify the booming industry.

Washington Post, October 2016

In a front page story for Sunday Business, the Post's Retirement columnist featured three UGallery artists who have turned their hobbies into successful encore careers.

Atlanta Journal-Constituion, July 2016

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution wrote about how UGallery is helping baby boomer artists find success in their second acts.

San Francisco Chronicle, June 2016

UGallery is featured in its hometown San Francisco Chronicle for the first time.

Vogue, June 2016

Vogue says that a wedding is the perfect time for a budding art collector to start or expand a collection.

Forbes, May 2016

The art market may not be cooling, exactly, but instead shifting to a new sales model: e-commerce. "One company effectively capitalizing on the growth in the online art market is UGallery, an online, curated art gallery that is pioneering the e-commerce art space."

The Guardian, April 2016

The Guardian featured UGallery's partnership with Everyday Africa to show what normality looks like in African life today. The collection of Everyday Africa prints raised over $4,000 during a three-week flash sale, with net-proceeds going to the non-profit.

UPROXX, April 2016

UGallery joins with social media phenomenon Everyday Africa to exhibit a special collection of photographs displaying everyday life on the African continent. Net proceeds from the sale will fund further educational initiatives and an upcoming Everyday Africa book project.

ArtTactic, March 2016

UGallery CEO Stephen Tanenbaum joins the ArtTactic podcast to discuss what the art market was like in 2006 and how things have changed throughout the company's 10 years in business.

Small Business Trends, March 2016

Small Business Trends interviews founders Alex Farkas and Stephen Tanenbaum about major changes happening in the fine art industry. “The internet has allowed companies to tap into a market that was totally excluded before. There were all these people who had the money to buy art but they didn’t have the time or dedication to run the gallery scene. We've opened up the art world to a whole group of new customers.”

Martha Stewart Weddings, January 2016

UGallery's wedding registry was featured in Martha Stewart Weddings as a great registry option that "reflects you as a couple and makes gift-giving a breeze for guests."

Chicago Tribune, December 2015

UGallery Gallery Director Alex Farkas shares his go-to holiday gift ideas with the Chicago Tribune. "No matter who you are, it's challenging every year to come up with something unique," he says. Items on his list range from a Frank Lloyd Wright picture frame to a drawing art book for kids.

California Home & Design, December 2015

UGallery was featured as a thoughtful gift idea in California Home + Design's 2016 holiday gift guide. The magazine is a leading voice in design, reaching interior designers, artists, and architects in California and beyond.

Best in Biz Awards, December 2015

UGallery was named a silver winner for Small Company of the Year by Best in Biz Awards. Best in Biz honors companies, teams, executives and products for their business success, and is the only independent business awards program judged by members of the press and industry analysts.

This Old House, November 2015

A collection of 24 UGallery paintings was featured throughout the inaugural This Old House Show house at Cloudland Station, Georgia. In addition to the live exhibition, the show house and artwork were featured prominently in the November issue of the magazine and on This Old House's website.

Internet Retailer, November 2015

UGallery was named one of the top 100 largest luxury e-commerce players in the world by Internet Retailer, a premier news and research publication for e-commerce. In the artwork category specifically, UGallery was ranked first amongst online art retailers.

Marie Claire, September 2015

Marie Claire named UGallery one of the 55 best online shopping destinations. "UGallery outlines the key elements that make a painting undeniably remarkable in their 'Guide to Great Art' section. You can use your new artistically savvy sense to shop its selection of wondrous works."

The Dapifer, September 2015

Gallery Director Alex Farkas shares the top street photographers to watch with The Dapifer, a digital fashion and lifestyle magazine. The list includes notable rising artists from around the world, including three photographers from UGallery.

Better Homes & Gardens, July 2015

Better Homes & Gardens names UGallery as a go-to destination for original art. "What sets UGallery apart is their try before you buy policy, which gives buyers seven days to see how the art works in their home. Reasonable prices, combined with free shipping, make UGallery an attractive option for those in the market for original artwork."

The Small Business Advocate, July 2015
Real Simple, July 2015

UGallery artwork was featured in an article on Easy DIY Gallery Walls. The magazine's stylists chose pieces for a clean, cohesive, and curated display. "Using frames and mats in the same color unifies all the artwork, giving the collection an orderly look."

Forbes, June 2015

Forbes interviews founders Alex Farkas and Stephen Tanenbaum about the online art space and the future of UGallery. "UGallery is shaking up the art industry. In the past, art was a black box – brick and mortar galleries tended to be intimidating and there was little price transparency. We created UGallery to flip the industry on its head and make art accessible to everyone."

This Old House, May 2015

Gallery Director Alex Farkas shares tips on how to decorate large spaces without breaking the bank. Choose canvases with finished edges to save on framing costs, or select large statement photography to fill a large wall.See these tips and more!

Style by Emily Henderson, February 2015

UGallery is featured in a roundup of best online art sites by Emily Henderson, HGTV star and design icon. "Gone are the days of only buying expensive art from galleries or at auctions. We can now buy art from our own sofa whilst watching Bravo," she says. Online options offer affordable, high-quality works that take the pressure off, and UGallery's selection and free shipping make the process enjoyable and seamless., January 2015

Are startups the new interior designers? That was the topic of a panel discussion in San Francisco featuring the movers and shakers of the home decor industry. We were joined by Homepolish, Dot & Bo, Laurel & Wolf, and MACK, and Popsugar Home to weigh in on the topic.

Crain's New York, December 2014

UGallery featured, along with Christies, in an article highlighting art as a gift for the holidays. "It's trendier, cheaper and easier than ever, thanks to the rise of online galleries and auctions." UGallery artist Nicole Newsted's commission is highlighted.

The Doctors, December 2014

UGallery is featured in the Holiday Extravaganza episode of The Doctors. The reality TV show highlights original art as a great gift idea and showcases work from several UGallery artists.

Esquire, November 2014

UGallery photographer Mikhail Palinchak is featured in Esquire for his stunning photography of Ukraine. Originally a civilian street photographer, Mikhail was tasked to be the official photographer for Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko.

Glamour, October 2014

Managing different decor styles is one of the biggest challenges of moving in together, according to a survey commissioned by UGallery. In fact, old college posters topped the list of things women wish their significant other would throw out when they cohabitate.

American Photo Mag, October 2014

The photo-collecting scene is moving to cyberspace, according to American Photo Magazine. UGallery was named as a top online collecting website with high-quality prints at prices lower than you'd pay for a new lens. "Whether you want to start a serious collection, populate your walls, or sell your own work, consider these online marketplaces."

Forbes, August 2014

Co-founders Alex Farkas and Stephen Tanenbaum speak with Forbes about the accelerating growth in online art sales. In the article, "Online Galleries Bring Affordable Fine Art To Your Doorstep", the founders highlight the shift in art buying from traditional galleries to the internet where over $1.5 billion of artwork was sold in 2013.

The Next Web, August 2014

UGallery partners with First Exposures, a photography program for artistic, underserved San Francisco youth. Select photographers are highlighted in a special collection where all proceeds go to the organization and its artists.

Mother Nature Network, July 2014

UGallery Canadian artist, Eric Vanasse, is featured along with his "Losing Paradise" series which highlights the long-term consequences of climate change and habitat destruction.

TastyTrade, June 2014

UGallery co-founder Stephen Tanenbaum appears on the TastyTrade Boostrapper in America segment live from Chicago. Tom and Tony discuss how UGallery is shaking up the art industry and the evolution of the online art market.

Forbes, May 2014

In Forbes article, "Can't Afford A Warhol? How To Ditch Your Dorm Room Posters Without Breaking The Bank", co-founders Farkas and Tanenbaum share how UGallery was started and the online platform's ability to "help new buyers navigate the art buying terrain"

Huffington Post, May 2014

UGallery featued as one of five low stress ways to collect artwork highlighted in a story "How To Buy Grown-Up Art Without Going Broke (Or Setting Foot In A Gallery)".

Guest of Guest, April 2014

UGallery featured as a booth not to miss at the Affordable Art Fair. The publication that 'redefines what it means to be famous' highlights Warren Keating's "pixel impressionism" artwork as "some of its coolest featured pieces...which combine art and technology..."

New York Post, February 2014

"When it comes to art, New Yorkers want nudes" highlights data revealing 10% of site search traffic is searching for nudes in the city. Los Angeles and San Francisco weren't far behind in their search for "au naturel" subjects.

CNN, January 2014

UGallery co-founder, Stephen Tanenbaum, appears on CNNi for a segment on the growth of online art sales. Stephen explains three major factors driving the trend.

Inside Bay Area, January 2014

Co-founder and Gallery Director, Alex Farkas, shares insights about UGallery's success, and artist Sheila Finch weighs in on the benefits of reaching new clients online.

Redbook, November 2013

Featured in the holiday gift guide which the entire family will enjoy. "These One-Shot Gifts Make Life So Much Simpler"

The Knot, October 2013

Trend Alert, Art Registry "Forget dinneware - the hottest item to register for is art."

Marie Claire, October 2013

Gallery Director, Alex Farkas shares his advice on "Investment Shopping: 5 Tips on Purchasing Your First Piece of Art"

PopSugar Home, August 2013

"12 Gallery-Worthy Art Pieces You Can Actually Afford: UGallery is one of POPSUGAR Home's favorite sources for original affordable art, offering a selection of paintings, photography, and mixed emdia from emerging artists."

Huffington Post, August 2013

Huffington Post features UGallery customers and artists in a story highlighting the opportunity for the company to reach hundreds of millions of customers.

TechCrunch, August 2013

"UGallery now joins the Amazon Art stable of partners, which should give it broader reach even as it continues to also sell works through its own platform directly."

ABC News, August 2013

UGallery photographer, Alexandra Henry, was interviewed by ABC along with co-founder, Stephen Tanenbaum, with visits to the artist's studio and UGallery's office.

MSN Living, August 2013

"10 Things to Buy Now that You Will Keep Forever: The easiest way to create a unique decor style is by hanging original art that you love. Plus, by buying original artwork, you're supporting the arts community. And you never know, you could discover the next Picasso - and cash in big time down the line."

Digital Trends, August 2013

Gallery Director, Alex Farkas, provides tips on how to browse, find, and buy original artwork online. "Before you click "buy," you need to know what's out there. "It's important to go look at a lot of art. Especially if you're just getting started, you need to see enough art to develop your own personal taste," says Farkas."

VentureBeat, August 2013

"UGallery's Founders: Now is the Pivotal Time for Online Art Startups" Highlights from the "in space" show at our gallery in San Francisco, featuring artists Sheila Finch, Gregor Hochmuth, Hang Nguyen and Lana Williams.

Ocean Home Magazine, July 2013

"From the Bay Area to the Hamptons, from the islands of Hawaii to the Gulf Coast, three art dealers interpret the latest buying trends around the U.S." including our own Gallery Director, Alex Farkas

Houzz, June 2013

"Get creative with framing. Framing can be the most expensive part of the art-buying process for some. Skip the framer and try hanging it as is instead. Stretched canvases and posters in particular can look great without a frame. "We encourage our artists to always finish the edge of their pieces so the work can be hung unframed," says Farkas. I've been hanging art unframed in my house for years and have seen a great trend towards this in decorating."

Internet Retailer, June 2013

"...UGallery, a retailer that will be new to Internet Retailer's upcoming 2013 Second 500 Guide...The retailer's sales growth suggests UGallery may be benefitting from little direct competition. Its sales have grown more than 50% each year on average since its founding in 2006, Tanenbaum says. The merchant lists artwork ranging from $500 to $5,000 from more than 500 artists around the world"

VentureBeat, May 2013

"UGallery hits growth milestones as art sales move online"

Xconomy, May 2013

UGallery works directly with artists, and prides itself on the personal relationships it has with them. "A big part of our job is to work with the artists to better understand how to grow their careers at the right pace"

Wall Street Journal, April 2013

"The hard part is selecting a handful of artists from his stable of 500. He (Gallery Director Alex Farks) uses online sales data to determine what New Yorkers like best. A current favorite: Ohio painter Jessica JH Roller, whose cheerful, primitive animal acrylics, like the $225 "Fox, Bat and Comet," look like the collision of Keith Haring and a Pueblo art exhibit. The paintings would look perfect hanging over your new Ikea bookshelf."

Brides, April 2013

"Would you and your hubby-to-be rather invest in art than pretty plates and cookware? Take a peek at U Gallery and you'll find you're not alone."

New York Times, February 2013

"In the past 6 years, we've stared down the blank walls and hurdles of building a business - unafraid to put a nail in the wall. Our curated online art gallery makes it easy to be original and fill any empty space with something beautiful."

CasaSugar, January 2013

Featured as one of the top 15 online sources for original art,"all in one shop for original art pieces and prints"

Refinery29, August 2012

The DC edition of Refinery 29 feature UGallery as a stylish site that offers "Écurated collections covering original topics, such as the notion of being lost, and lets you discover new art using cool search filters like "bachelor pad" and "country home," depending on your type of digs."

Apartment Therapy, August 2012

Featured as a top 10 destination for original artwork,"If you're just starting a collection, this is a great place to start."

Harper's Bazaar, February 2012

Rebecca Plotnick's photograph "Walking in Black and White - Versailles, France" was featured in the magazine.

Thrillist, February 2012

Thrillist highlights Jared Sussman's solo show in our new San Francisco Headquarters.

Everyday Health, January 2012

Everyday Health picks Ugallery as their top spot for art that boosts your mood. "According to a recent University College of London study, looking at artwork can trigger pleasure responses in the brain."

Huffington Post, December 2011

HuffPo highlights Christina Guerreiro's "Market Street" print as one of their "50 Gifts Under $50 For Everyone On Your List"

Talkies Magazine, November 2011

Dutch luxury life magazine features Ugallery artwork as a a must have.

Daily Candy, November 2011

Daily Candy features Ugallery in a round up of "works of art you can't afford to miss."

GQ Eye, November 2011

"College is over, and you need some big boy accoutrements to accompany the new digs... you need some art. And, let's face it, you need some help. Head on over to UGallery, where "Bachelor Pad" is actually a search option."

Sunset Magazine, October 2011

"Ugallery provided artwork for the Sunset Smart Homes in Palo Alto."

Cosmopolitan, July 2011

"Posters can feel so dorm room, but original art tends to be super $$$...until now. Enter, a website that features cool yet inexpensive pieces chosen by expert curators..."

7x7, July 2011

"The Mission start-up also saw the advantage of bringing affordable original works and limited edition prints to the masses and recognized the value of providing a selling platform for emerging artists. The local, online-only gallery, which gives you the option of a weeklong test-run in your home, has had an amazing 2010/2011 year."

MSN, May 2011

"The easiest way to create a unique decor style is by hanging original art that you love. Plus, by buying original artwork, you're supporting the arts community. And you never know, you could discover the next Picasso - and cash in big time down the line. "

CNN, February 2011

"We wanted to provide a place where people could buy original, affordable artworks, without the intimidation of stepping into a gallery"

The Economist, February 2011

"The prices are unintimidating enough to encourage a new generation of collectors, and the artists, who tend to be young and undiscovered, are better positioned to make a living from selling their work."

Sunset Magazine, January 2011

US Weekly, December 2010

"Replace your college grad's Old School poster with a print from Paperwork, part of Ugallery, the online gallery whose work has been seen in It's Complicated and on tees worn by the Jonas Brothers."

InStyle, November 2010

"A Richard Prince out of your range? Turn to this online gallery for original works by emerging talent..."

The Nest, September 2010

"curated websites such as 20x200, uGallery, Etsy, and The Working Proof showcase emerging artists who are young and undiscovered and can serve as a welcoming platform for someone wanting to purchase art for the look and not just the investment value."

USA Today, September 2010

"I'm all about finding affordable artwork, and I think I've found another cool place to get it: Paperwork."

Daily Candy, September 2010

"If your walls could talk, they might say something like, “We feel naked.”
End their distress with finds from online gallery Paperwork. The site releases new, limited-edition prints from international artists every Tuesday."

Woman's Day, August 2010

"Can't decide what to buy? Check out the cool "view on wall" feature, which lets you preview how your selection will look in a room. You can match the virtual wall's dimensions to your own home, plus change the room's colors to match your house."

Apartment Therapy, August 2010

"Great works from independent artists that won't put a dent in your pocketbook....all of Paperwork's independent artist archival pigment prints are produced on smooth, natural white bamboo paper."

Better Homes and Gardens, July 2010

"Original, one-of-a-kind art can be spendy. Visit and which sell the work of recent art school grads and budding artists at reasonable prices" - Kenneth Brown, interior designer and host of HGTV's redesign

Real Simple, June 2010

"Art is searchable by medium, genre, and price (don't miss the "under $100 section). Best of all, the site allows you to try out a piece for a week to see how it looks in your home with no penalty and free return shipping."

TechCrunch, May 2010

"The chic-but-affordable art startup will be [at TechCrunch Disrupt], in case your startup needs transformation from a cubicle farm into, well, a cubicle farm with nice art."

Traditional Home, March 2009

"Look for paintings by emerging or truly unknown artists, including students. Ah, the thrill of discovery!"

TBS Movie and a Makeover, December 2008

Interior designer Brian Patrick Flynn redesigns a home for the holidays using the artwork of Deanna Lafond and Sarah Diaz. Flynn highlights as a place to find beautiful, affordable art for sale.

Apartment Therapy, November 2008

Interior design website Apartment Therapy selects their favorite artwork at

Habitually Chic Blog, November 2008

"I often worry about the future of art and that parents might encourage their children to become doctors or lawyers or bankers...well, maybe not bankers anymore...instead of fostering their love of art. So I like to support anyone who has made a career out of their passion and become an artist, and now you can too at Ugallery, an online gallery that provide art enthusiasts access to affordable original artwork while offering young trained artists a platform to launch their careers."

Men's Health, October 2008

"Fill your walls (and cover that stain) - You don't have to pay thousands to a starched, sniffing gallery owner for original paintings. But you really should replace your Alice in Chains poster and Rolling Rock mirror. Starving artists are everywhere, dying to be taken advantage of. Get a sense of what's out there at, where art-school grads showcase their work, priced from $20 to $5,000. It even offers a money-back guarantee."

Good Day Atlanta, August 2008 co-founder Stephen Tanenbaum interviewed on Good Day Atlanta about creating the gallery to help student artists, conceptualizing art on the Internet using the site's "virtual wall", and discovering affordable art from today's most promising emerging artists.

NY1, July 2008 highlighted on NY1's Trend Report on "Luxury within Reach" as an affordable and helpful place to find original artwork.

Women's Health, June 2008

"Find Affordable Original Art - This site displays and sells original art created by students from more than 89 universities. The site accepts only 25 percent of its submissions--so you're not going to end up with some wannabe's nursery school finger painting."

Art in America, May 2008

In March, participated in Art Now Fair New York City, a satellite fair of the famed Armory Show. From Art in America's Front Page review of the fairs - "Art Now, in its inaugural New York run, hosted…28 dealers, hailing from the U.S. and various European nations, on two floors at Hotel 30/30 on E. 30th Street. Notable for carrying the art world's fascination with youth to a new degree was Ugallery of Scottsdale, Ariz., showing student and recent-graduate work."

The University of Arizona Alumnus, Winter 2008, December 2007

"Original (and affordable) works by emerging artists."

Arizona Daily Star - Caliente, November 2007

"uSEFUL uGALLERY.COM - Students exhibit and sell their art."

Wall Street Journal, October 2007

"Buying Art on the Web" - From Saatchi Online to, the Internet is opening new doors for artists to sell their work and collectors to buy emerging artwork.

PC Magazine, August 2007

"Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a complete newbie when it comes to buying art, Ugallery is worth a look. It's a pleasure to browse and an affordable way to get your hands on a beautiful piece of original art.", August 2007

Taking the online art gallery,, from the "classroom to the real world".

Daily Candy, April 2007

"Student artists show off and sell their amazing work at this new site for emerging talent."

American Artist Magazine, March 2007 named most notable vendor at 95th Annual College Art Association Fair.

New York Post, February 2007

"The spot to find emerging artists, Ugallery ( offers the work of art school students and recent grads at extremely affordable prices. Who knows? You could find the next Picasso for less than a Benjamin."

Entrepreneur Magazine, October 2006

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