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Yelitza Diaz
Mauldin, South Carolina
Artist Yelitza Diaz creates sculptural modernist wall pieces where she incorporates ceramic figures. Born in Venezuela, her life has been wrapped in the arts since childhood. She finished her degree at the Arturo Michelena School of Fine Arts, where she grew passionate about the human form. Yelitza devoted her time to her artistic practice and shared her skill as an art teacher in public institutions. She founded a gallery with her husband in her hometown but moved to the United States due to bureaucratic and economic matters. Since then, she has explored human existentialism and the political and social developments of her native country. My artwork represents the search for peace and emotional balance that we all desire in life, shares Yelitza. She retains a workspace in Venezuela but mainly works at her studio in South Carolina, where she has complete freedom to develop her art. Yelitza’s work has been awarded and recognized by national and international juries. She has also proudly designed the town seal for her native municipality in Venezuela.
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Artist Statement

Growing up immersed in the world of creativity, my artistic journey has always revolved around the human form. I meticulously craft sculptures using mixed techniques, embracing a minimalist style to study and capture the rich diversity of human body poses. My passion for the human form ignited my artistic exploration, leading me to delve into the realms of human existentialism and my homeland's ever-evolving political and social landscape. I integrate ceramic figures through my sculptural modernist wall pieces, providing a canvas for expressing intricate ideas. My work represents the universal quest for peace and emotional equilibrium that resides within us all. While I maintain a workspace in Venezuela, my primary creative sanctuary lies within my South Carolina studio. Here, I am granted the freedom to dive deep into the core of my art, exploring the multifaceted nature of the human experience through sculptural expressions.
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