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Yelena Sidorova
Aurora, Colorado
Artist Yelena Sidorova creates diverse subjects, from still lifes and architecture to figurative compositions. She transforms a plain piece of silk into art inspired by the world around her, infusing every drop of dye with a touch of magic into her existence. "My art is a gentle therapist who helps me through the darkest periods of my life and illuminates the joyous times," says Yelena. She obtained her Master's degree in Fine Art with a major in Oil Painting and Art History before moving to the United States in 1997. Despite the hurdles of establishing a creative career, her talent and strong work ethic propelled her to success in the competitive art world. Yelena works in her well-organized and spacious basement studio, where her feelings, dreams, and thoughts materialize. Beyond her art, Yelena enjoys walking, cycling, and chatting with her daughter in their favorite café.
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Artist Statement

For over two decades, my primary artistic medium has been silk painting.

In the realm of creative work, I find both joy and challenges, serving as the authentic sources of an artist's happiness and inspiration.

My feelings, dreams, and thoughts materialize as droplets of liquid dye on silk, transforming into a therapeutic art form. Through the highs and lows of life, this medium acts as a gentle therapist, illuminating the joyful moments and guiding me through darker periods. Each stroke doesn't just turn a plain silk or canvas into art; it transforms my entire world. Every drop of dye on silk is like a sprinkle of magic into my existence.

I explore various genres, including still-life, landscapes, and symbolic figurative compositions. When capturing the gentle and mysterious essence of women in my drawings, I convey feelings of joy, peace, and harmony. Harmony, to me, is the poetry of lines and colors, a living entity within the artwork.

Painting on silk involves creating art on fabric, with silk serving as the canvas. Why silk painting? Each technique possesses its unique beauty, and for those who appreciate diverse textures, silk is a visual pleasure. The shimmer and transparency of silk create a delightful surface, whether worn as a piece of clothing or displayed as a painting on the wall.

In every stroke and hue, silk painting allows me to weave the magic of my existence onto the canvas, creating a visual symphony that speaks to the senses and brings joy to those who embrace the tactile beauty of silk art.

Artist Background

Khabarovsk Fine Art & Graphic University
Master of Fine Arts, 1982
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