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Tomo Mori
New York, New York
Tomo Mori finds herself drawn to images that are melting, dripping, streaming and flowing. Her process is extremely meticulous yet spontaneous in its execution, allowing natural instinct to guide the creativity and fluidity of the work. Tomo's signature technique is collage made of canvas on canvas, a style that adds depth and dimension to her work. Born in Osaka, Japan, her family moved to Tokyo when she was four, where she recalls happy family memories under the cherry blossoms. She is now based in New York, and when she's not making art, Tomo likes spending time with her family and dancing.
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Artist Statement

I find myself returning to images that are melting, dripping, streaming, and flowing. In my work, “fluidity” represents memories as alive with subtle movements and electrons, like all living organisms in the universe. I believe what we remember about our feelings from the past is formed by an aggregate of elements. But with time and other information, those elements can manipulate, regenerate or fade. When I was four, my family moved to a neighborhood in Tokyo where there were beautiful cherry blossom trees. I was overwhelmed by their beauty and I remember we were all laughing. More than thirty years have passed and many things changed. The memory of the day exists in my heart yet the visual memory as a whole quietly keeps changing. To present this concept as a static visual art form, I create a slight sense of movement and a source of energy with thousands of small bits of colors. I like using color to connect the world to my introspective visions. With a great, child-like excitement, I attempt to unleash all possibilities of colors. I find some similarities between experimental music and dance in their creative process. The ‘bits’ concept was originally inspired by the digital images created by thousands of tiny pixels. I developed the technique of canvas-on-canvas collage utilizing traditional mosaic making. My process is extremely meticulous yet spontaneous in its execution, allowing instinct to guide the creativity and momentum of the work.

Artist Background

Atlanta College of Art
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting, Video/Electric Arts, 1995
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