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Sherri Aldawood
Mesa, Arizona
Artist Sherri Aldawood paints from memory and experiences, capturing moments to forge a deeper connection with a place or a person. She portrays her subjects through delicate brushwork and a strong connection to how sunlight falls on them. Observing and painting from life is crucial to my creative process, as my job is to edit and expand on the world as I see and offer my unique perspective, says Sherri. Her artwork centers around floral and feminine themes, often combining both in one composition. She draws inspiration from on-location insights and photographs, utilizing fundamental artistic elements to express her emotional connection to each piece. Her home studio provides a functional space where she listens to music while creating art. In her spare time, Sherri attends to family matters and engages in daily activities like cooking and housework.
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Artist Statement

I paint what I am visually attracted to: light and color. It is very important to me to portray the effect of light as it falls on the subject. My paintings portray a certain time and place--perhaps as a way to document that I was there, that I existed in that place at that time.
Observing and painting from life is very important to my artistic process. I use these on location experiences combined with photographs when I am painting in the studio.
The basics of drawing, value, composition and edges are extremely important tools that I use in helping me to express my emotional connection to the subject. My paintings could be described as lively, painterly, and colorful.
As an artist, my job is to edit and expand on the world as I see it, giving back my own unique perspective. I paint with a passion for life that I hope will be translated to the viewer.


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