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Sharon Sieben
Mesa, Arizona
Artist Sharon Sieben creates emotive paintings that emphasize feelings and impressions over the strict representation of details. “I have always felt that creating a realistic piece of art deprives the viewer of experiencing the mood the artist has created,” says Sharon. She finds delight in portraying lively urban scenes and the subtle gestures of people through her loose and expressive style. She begins her artistic process with charcoal sketches, followed by layers of paint to achieve textures. For her figurative works, she lets her memory bank of faces guide her paintbrush, capturing the essence of each subject. In her small yet cozy studio, Sharon works alongside her parakeet, Oscar, who frequently sits on her shoulder while they both listen to quartet music. In her free time, Sharon finds joy in reading, playing classical guitar, and sharing moments with her pet bird.
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Artist Statement

I strive to capture more than what meets the eye in my art. While I may begin with a photo as a reference, I often abandon it, allowing my impressions and emotions to guide the canvas. The child within me, who once reveled in "finger painting," shines through in my loose and expressive style.

My preferred subjects are Figurative Work and Cityscapes, sometimes merging into city scenes with figures. I aim to convey the vibrant energy of urban life and the myriad of emotions expressed through gestures.

I work primarily with acrylic and oil pigments in my creative process, frequently integrating collage materials mediums and marking pencils/crayons to craft texture and points of interest. I work on Gallery Wrap Canvas or paper bonded to a wood cradle, ensuring finished edges and every piece is sealed with archival varnish, ready for display without needing a frame.

I aspire to share my vision with viewers, inviting them to discover their own personal connection within each piece.

Artist Background

Indiana University
Indiana University
High School Diploma


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