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Scott Dykema
Arlington, Texas
Artist Scott Dykema creates colorful mixed-media figurative works, reminiscent of contemporary street art. This is largely due to the inclusion of spray paint in his arsenal of tools. “There is an extreme love in putting something down onto a blank surface, committing to giving it new life and finishing it,” says Scott. His work comes from the constant desire to simply create. Drawing inspiration from the hues of the sky, books, images online, or even spots on the floor. Scott first started out studying nutrition and dietetics but veered into his ingenious creative side by the influence of an art teacher. He demonstrates fanciful interpretations of cultures through multiple layers, and oftentimes metallic elements. In each piece, he presents a story that awaits the imaginative viewer. Scott’s studio is a charming 1947 Chevy school bus parked permanently in his Texas backyard.
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Artist Statement

The works that I create come from a constant desire to simply create. There is an extreme love of putting something down onto a blank surface, making a commitment to giving it new life and finishing it. The process is so complicated but so pleasurable. These works have all been created because it is what I am inspired to do. My work has been an on going conversation for the past 12 years or so. I have not stopped and do not plan on ever stopping, I know what happens when I do. In the future, I can see myself creating fine art large scale paintings in my large studio space with large windows, large white walls, music, storage, air conditioning, and an abundance of materials at hand, just working away all day, every day. I can see my work in galleries all over the world, and I can see it in houses and businesses all over as well. The future definitely will be filled with art making. I can also see working constantly on new children's books with our newest business New Dream Studios. We will have a long line of fine quality, inspiring, children's books. My future is so very bright.

Artist Background

University of Texas Arlington
Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2001
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