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Ronda Waiksnis
Peachtree City, Georgia
Ronda Waiksnis captures abstracted, atmospheric movement through her direct application painting process. Rarely using brushes, she applies heavy layers of paint with large palette knives and other tools, shifting the oil paint instinctively. Ronda is inspired by her natural surroundings and strives to capture the mood of any given day. The artist uses muted earth tones and receding horizon lines to demonstrate depth, conveying the transient sky or evanescent reflections in water with expressive feeling. Ronda aims to make art that is emotive and visceral, organic and unrefined. She is passionate about the endless possibilities for innovation that being an artist offers.
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Artist Statement

The utter capriciousness of the creative process is one I welcome and embrace. There is something about letting go and allowing a painting to develop from an intuitive evolution. Without question, the physical act of painting is essential to the finished painting itself. I paint standing and moving around the canvas, trying to maintain that ideal balance between creative abandon and physical control. For me, it takes these actions to make a beautiful finished painting that remains somewhat organic and unrefined. My paintings are landscapes that have been found, not built. I hope to suggest a particular environment without getting too lost in the details. I want the viewer to bring their own impressions or reflections to the painting without being taken there directly by me. Communicating the essence of a landscape is my goal. I think leaving some of the imagination to the viewer is key to that. I'm inspired by the emotional reactions we have to our natural world. The movement of the sky, the earth's reaction underneath, and the deep-toned colors combine to make a landscape that I never tire of. I am a direct application painter using large brushes, palette knives, and sometimes my fingers. I mix the oil paints directly on the canvas or paper with putty knives, some as large as twelve inches. I have only a few brushes, and I use them sparingly. Striving for emotive, visceral, and expressive work, my interpretations of our natural surroundings are more of a feeling than a strict observation.
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