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Robin Okun
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Artist Robin Okun draws on her background as a somatic psychotherapist to infuse the vibrant colors, body language, and movement of female figures into her modern expressionist pieces. Through layers of charcoal and acrylic paint, she unveils their stories, reflecting both personal and shared experiences with profound emotional depth. "It's a privilege to co-create healing spaces with women as their narratives unfold, and we process them together," says Robin. Working from her spacious home studio, Robin finds inspiration in everything around her, from photos and live models to her own imagination. Beyond her art, Robin cherishes moments spent with family, friends, and her dog, indulging in dance sessions and savoring a daily latte.
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Artist Statement

My artwork features a vibrant color palette, body language, and movement in abstract scenes of women. As I apply layers of charcoal and acrylic paint, the figures are revealed, and their stories emerge.

My inspiration is rooted in my previous professional work as a somatic psychotherapist. It is a privilege to co-create spaces for healing with women as their narratives unfolded and we processed them together. These deeply personal moments and rich interior worlds, theirs and mine, are an ongoing theme in my paintings.


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