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Pat Doherty
Corte Madera, California
Pat Doherty follows in the tradition of Bay Area artists who paint what they love. Her culinary series is a reflection of her surroundings; Pat is a third generation San Franciscan now living in Marin. The Bay Area is the perfect place to find the petit fours and decadent pastries featured in her work Sweet Choices. Similar in subject matter to Wayne Theibaud's desserts, Pat’s unique style starts with a rich color palette and an angled picture plane to achieve depth. The subjects are often simple, but Pat takes the time to understand them and develop a mastery of light and shadow. The art has a certain humor and light-heartedness as well, especially with her series of dogs and bite-sized confections. Pat's style is inspired by her previous work in the graphic design industry, when she was the art director of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, art director of San Francisco magazine, and senior art director at a private design firm. Pat's work has been featured in American Art Collector magazine, several solo shows, including the Caffe Museo in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, as well as many group shows, including frequent showings at the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art.
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Artist Statement

People say my paintings make them smile, and I’m delighted they have that effect. I am a still-life oil painter. Much of my work takes food as the subject matter. I am drawn to simple objects and like establishing good color relationships between light and shadow. I focus on color, texture, and graphic compositions pleasing to the eye. I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to combine a professional career as a graphic designer with an avocation and passion for the arts. After graduating from Gonzaga University, my artistic evolution has included being an art director at two major magazines, including San Francisco, a senior art director at a design firm, and an independent freelance art director and designer working with clients nationwide. I have since transitioned from the commercial arena into the fine arts.

Artist Background

Gonzaga University
Bachelor of Arts, 1972
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