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Olena Nabilsky
Brooklyn, New York
Artist Olena Nabilsky captures grand natural scenes through her realistic approach to art. Hailing from Ukraine, upon arriving in the US, she embarked on a cross-country road trip from New York to Los Angeles by car. Along her extensive journey, she encountered breathtaking landscapes that served as inspirations for her works. "Words can't express my awe at nature's beauty, so I pour my emotions into my art," says Olena. Using her travel photos as references, Olena painstakingly incorporates intricate details into her paintings. Her studio, alternating between tidy and chaotic, resonates with soft melodies as she immerses herself in her creative process. During her leisure hours, Olena dedicates time to contemplating future paintings and refining her artistic technique.
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Artist Statement

I am an artist of Ukrainian origin, currently living in New York. Having received my education as an artist, I began to experiment with different visual art tools and worked for many years in advertising and design using computer graphics. But my soul has always longed for canvas and oil.

When I moved to the US and made the long journey from New York to Los Angeles by car, crossing states, and stopping in different places, my world changed. I was amazed at the beauty of what I saw.

There are no words to describe my delight in the endless variety and grandeur of the fabulous nature. Of all the styles of painting, realism is the closest to me.
Every detail is of great importance in our universe. That is why I really like to depict the details in my work.

I want the viewers looking at my paintings to find something new for themselves, experience pleasant emotions that will affect the warm memories stored deep in their hearts, and stop and remember their dreams. I hope my paintings will bring a little magic into your life as I paint them with great love.

Artist Background

Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts
Master of Fine Arts
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