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Nava Lundy
Parkland, Florida
Artist Nava Lundy crafts impressionist paintings that radiate delicate feminine charm, characterized by romantic and textured elements. Focused on achieving depth and dimension, Nava applies impasto layers with a palette knife. With a touch of gold present in nearly all her pieces, her paintings shimmer with a luminous and dreamlike quality. "My goal is to have the viewer see the depth of color I see and to rethink the mundane by elevating it through the exploration of subtlety and turning up its volume at just the right points," says Nava. Her creative journey took a transformative turn at 16 when a teacher's encouragement led her to discover her artistic voice. She then pursued a BFA degree in painting. Nava works in her cluttered home studio, accompanied by her two dogs and occasionally music or podcasts. Beyond art, she spends quality time with her family and rescue hounds and enjoys her alone time in the morning with a strong cup of coffee and a workout.
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Artist Statement

I blend abstraction and impressionism, melding soft edges with dynamic palette knife techniques. Through my unique painting style, I infuse depth and texture, bringing my subjects to life and enticing viewers to feel the surface of the canvas. Gold accents grace many of my pieces, lending them a luminous and ethereal quality.

I want to reveal the richness of color I perceive and to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary by accentuating subtleties and intensifying focal points. I approach each subject as a puzzle, with every stroke of the palette knife contributing to the intricate tapestry of my paintings.

Artist Background

University of Pennsylvania
Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2005
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2005


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