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Maurice Dionne
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Artist Maurice Dionne paints watercolor scenes of Ottawa, from quiet city walks to charming Victorian homes. The transparency of the medium is truly remarkable; it allows so much light to shine through, says Maurice. He devotedly captures the mood and vibrancy most often inspired by the people around him. He finished a degree in science but ultimately decided to embrace his true freedom of expression. Now a full-time artist, he commits to a home studio as his haven of creativity, where he has access to artist-grade material that ensures that his pieces will be archival and endure the test of time. Maurice's work received merits from The Marketer Art Competition in 2020 and 2021 and was featured in the Electric Street Gallery, Ottawa Art Gallery, and Art Gallery of Ontario. He relishes cycling, hiking, kayaking, reading, and visiting specialty coffee shops with his spouse in his spare time.
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Artist Statement

I have always been an artist at heart. Of course, once it was time to choose what to study for a career, I chose science! What? Clearly, the mind won over the heart, however, my charts, diagrams, and presentations were always colorful. Life was good and my artistic side was always alive and nurtured. After many successful years, it was time to set the artist free. Art is my true freedom of expression. Whether precise realism or an impression of what is there, I attempt to capture that light, mood, vibrancy, and energy. Along my journey, I’ve recognized that undeniable pull toward watercolor. The transparency of the medium is truly remarkable, allowing so much light to shine through. Done right, the artwork vibrates with energy. Whether I am walking along a path, stopping in a local shop for coffee, or simply out and about, I am continuously inspired by my surroundings. I can be looking at a grand building with wondrous architecture or simply looking at a seemingly mundane scene before me. As an artist, I explore ways of interpreting what I see. What stories can be developed? I search for that spark that attracts me to the subject. With that, I attempt to capture the feeling. When I lose track of time, I know I am on the right path. While I have many landscapes and other subjects, my recent work has been influenced by the city, its architecture, and most often the people in it. This can be in the city’s core, a suburb, and even in more rural parts. I take many reference photos and explore around the scene. I’ll do value sketches and will complete artwork once back in the studio. The journey continues. I invite you to follow along.
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