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Mandy Main
Rancho Mirage, California
Mandy Main is an art historian and landscape painter based in the Southern California desert. She has long been passionate about 19th Century American landscape paintings, which has been influential in her artistic practice. Mandy works in series, generally three paintings at a time. Her process begins with a vision of a place she has been, but she takes creative liberties with the aesthetic details. The artist is captivated by light and shadow, and strives to instill her work with moody drama through the representation of these elements. Using layers of paint and glazes, Mandy achieves mesmerizing atmospheric depth, encouraging the viewer to gaze and be still.
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Artist Statement

My paintings are informed by nature and capture a sense of place, but I take great license in interpreting what is actually seen.

I love panoramic vistas and a sense of depth and movement and I push these elements to draw the viewer into the painting.

The fleeting nature of light and clouds become dramatic subjects in my work. I use a subdued palette of warm colors, applied in layers of glazes to achieve a luminous effect. I work on six paintings at a time, usually working on two per day with two days drying time between layers. Before I begin a series of paintings I envision where they will ultimately take me. I paint in silence and in total concentration. The paintings are with me constantly, I even work on them while I am sleeping. I am continually coming up with ideas of what I want to say about nature and the world and I never want to stop painting, I have to keep expressing these ideas. In this way the paintings are a spiritual outpouring. A part of my inner being is woven into every painting I create.

Artist Background

University of California, Los Angeles
Master of Arts, 1980
Stanford University
Bachelor of Arts, 1977


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