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Lisa Nielsen
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Artist Lisa Nielsen offers soulful perspectives of the human experience in everyday scenes. A particular innocent joy shines through her passionate impressionist compositions, whether in soft nudes and figurative work or in her dreamy still lifes. What the viewer witnesses in her art is all part of her philosophy: to be still, breathe, and appreciate every small moment. Lisa initially worked in advertising art but grew to find her voice by becoming a full-time fine artist, taking still life, figurative, and portrait lessons along the way. “I welcome the freshness of new beginnings,” says Lisa. She works at her home studio with a drafting table that belonged to her grandfather and an easel that her mother passed down–sentimental heirlooms that give her emotional support. She always makes sure her ideas are cohesive before diving into something large. Outside of her workspace, she enjoys taking care of and spending time with her beautiful family–aware that these moments are fleeting and need to be savored.
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Artist Statement

When I see work that is well done the accomplishment of the artist comes through. Discipline, practice, and study are all evident. It is pleasing to look at. Some art though, seems to separate itself from the well-executed. There is a magic in it. An unexpected line or color. A brushstroke that is rich and thick or skimmed across the canvas like frost. It almost can't be planned. It is intuitive and free-flowing. It is what makes a nice and well-done artwork... captivating. This is what I strive for.
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