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Lisa Elley
Santa Clara, California
Artist Lisa Elley produces sweeping impressionist views and rich geographies with lush textures. Growing up on a little farm in New Zealand surrounded by rolling green, she became greatly influenced by her surroundings. This instilled a remarkable ingenuity in her leading her to pursue a fine arts degree at the University of Auckland. Passionate about experiencing new things, she moved to London, New York, Florida, and ultimately the San Francisco Bay Area, where she now resides. She works at her studio inside an old cannery in San Jose with perfect natural light, 30-foot ceilings, and infinite possibilities. She cultivates her skillful command with a palette that allows her to maneuver her artistic blade with fluidity. “I am drawn to them over brushes as they create an amazing sense of movement with the beautiful texture they evoke,” shares Lisa. An award-winning artist, her works have been represented by galleries all over the globe and have also been featured in distinguished publications. Lisa savors the quality time she spends with her family during her free time.
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Artist Statement

I'm a professional artist with a clear mission: to share my gift and spread joy through my vibrant, textured palette knife oil paintings. My work primarily captures the landscapes of California, and it's all about uplifting, colorful art that brightens your space. When I hear from clients that my paintings lift their spirits every time they walk through the door, it touches my heart and inspires me to create more. I've been lovingly dubbed The Knife Queen by some of my Facebook fans, highlighting my unique skill with the palette knife. I specialize in creating lively landscapes, cityscapes, and portraits, using thick layers of paint to add depth and subtle highlights that play with light and movement. My technique allows me to infuse each piece with incredible detail and personal elements, inviting you to immerse yourself in my colorful world of visual transcendence.

Artist Background

University of Auckland
Bachelor of Arts, 1994


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