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Lisa Carney
Ste-Anne-Des-Plaines, Quebec, Canada
Artist Lisa Carney creates abstract paintings that suggest wildflower fields, exploding petal bouquets, and coral reefs. Lisa reveals her deep connection to nature by utilizing texture through drips and splatters. I work spontaneously and driven by my instinct and intuition, yet with precise gestures, shares Lisa. Growing up in an artistic and musical family, Lisa's creative environment paved the way for her artistic journey. She further cultivated her talents by pursuing an undergraduate degree in the visual arts. Her masterpieces graced the walls of galleries, including a solo show at the Maison Paul-Émile Borduas of the Musée des Beaux-arts de Mont-Saint-Hilaire in 2013. Her works also adorned the cover of a poetry book, Brève Littéraires, in 2007 and 2009. Lisa works in her basement studio, developing several paintings simultaneously and groups her ideas into thematic series. When she is not painting, Lisa delights in the playful company of her cats, finds serenity in yoga, and embraces the thrill of biking and skating. She also loves getting lost in her favorite music melodies and immersing herself in home renovation shows.
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Artist Statement

My artistic journey is inspired by the wonders of our beautiful planet. Through art and music, I channel the creative energies within me, using abstract painting as a means of expression. Guided by intuition and fueled by instinct, my creative process involves working on multiple paintings simultaneously. This approach allows me to explore various ideas, organizing them into thematic series. My preferred medium is acrylic on canvas, where I make unconscious decisions about what colors to use and how I will blend them to my satisfaction. Being deeply connected to nature, my work often reflects textures resembling roots, splashes reminiscent of wildflower fields, and colored scrapes suggesting mineral veins. This grounding in the natural world shapes and influences my artistic endeavors.

Artist Background

Université du Quebec à Montreal
Visual Arts, 1994


In the land of Lisa Carney
Earth-inspired Abstract Art Exhibition
Lisa Carney’s art inspired by the Gaspé
Lisa Carney: Gaspé-Inspired Artistic Journey
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