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Keith Thomson
Birmingham, Alabama
Artist Keith Thomson creates multimedia art with wit, humor, and ingenuity. He began his artistic career as a political cartoonist in the 90's, an influence that manifested in the sharp storytelling of his artwork. "In 2016, when my kids retired from baseball, leaving me out of work as a little league coach, I suddenly had some free time, which led me to start painting," shares Keith. His portfolio consists of social realism commentaries and presents scenarios with a surreal and sometimes ironic twist. He begins his work as digital sketches using animation software, then transfers them onto a surface before painting. When working, he is accompanied by a box of oil paint, brushes, an easel, and Trouser—his faithful golden retriever and wire hair terrier mix. Apart from painting, he writes spy novels and nonfiction articles.
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Artist Statement

Some of my work explores the changes to Norman Rockwell's America since Rockwell's day.

Otherwise, the work's objective is to provide escapism and, absent that, an improvement over a blank wall.

Artist Background

Columbia University
Bachelor of Arts, 1987


Writing for Fun
Author Keith Thomson's Swashbuckling Debut
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