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Karen Barton
Puyallup, Washington
Oil painter Karen Barton creates records of everyday objects through a historical and sentimental lens. With works that feature the ingredients of a PB&J sandwich or the iconic blue Morton's Salt container, Karen makes a connection through the goods that reach into our homes and possibly to our childhoods. As she explains, my paintings are of a historical nature. They mostly represent contemporary culture and our current time in history while others are ‘timeless icons.' Karen collects her subjects at local grocery, hardware, or antique stores where she often attracts curious stares while she intently examines the items. Based in the Pacific Northwest, Karen shares a studio with her artist husband, which she describes as a busy looking place with art supplies and a bright yellow futon with Libby, their beloved studio dog.
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Artist Statement

My paintings represent popular food items and random subjects associated with the era we live in. The items I paint are selected by their design, color, and purpose, and perhaps by their popularity in today’s transient culture. The paintings I create are a brief statement of what people are using in their everyday lives. I feel that my artworks tell a story or describe something about the person who collects them. My work addresses our taste buds and the pleasure of food. It evokes feelings of comfort, home, or work. It might remind us of the things we enjoy or find aesthetically pleasing. These little paintings make great conversation pieces and add a delightful point of interest to any wall they might grace. My oil paintings are usually in a smaller format and are done with a combination of brushwork and palette knife. I am attracted to color, texture, and visual contrasts on the subject or in the surrounding area of the subject matter. My paintings speak for themselves at a distance. Up close, they grab one's curiosity with their texture and interaction of colors. Today’s world is ever-changing. These pieces of art are a way to grab ahold of something meaningful to the person who collects them. They are a personal statement of the collector... perhaps a story to be told.


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