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Kajal Zaveri
New York, New York
Artist Kajal Zaveri paints vibrant landscapes that capture feelings of joy and celebration. She infuses her works with bold colors inspired by her Indian upbringing, deliberately arranging them to express her profound connection with nature. I think my art is a balanced fusion of cultures and environments, something that reflects my personal journey and the sceneries that inspire me, says Kajal. She departs from traditional realism and gives way to a more representational composition to evoke a meditative response from the viewer. Having relocated from California to New York, Kajal now works on smaller pieces in her apartment studio, playing music that complements the mood of her artworks. When she is not painting, she enjoys reading, trying out new recipes, and volunteering to teach art to kids.
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Artist Statement

My art is a celebration of joy inspired by my carefree childhood in India, diverse international travels, and my life in beautiful California with my husband and son. These experiences have exposed me to the world's abundance, beauty, and blessings, encouraging me to dream big and boldly. Through vibrant colors and unique styling, I aim to evoke feelings of joy, amazement, wonder, and gratitude, sharing these emotions with the viewer. My work draws inspiration from nature, especially the splendid landscapes of California. It's a celebration of the boundless horizons, changing seasons, wildflowers along busy roads, dreamy coastal towns, and the vibrant energy of San Francisco. Each piece is a visual representation of my passion and drive in my journey as an artist. Rather than aiming for objective realism, I prefer to recreate and edit these experiences to their essential elements. Describing my work as abstract realism, I use observations as a starting point for abstraction. Instead of traditional realism, I opt for a minimalist, representational, and modern composition to elicit a meditative and physical response. I hope my art sparks nostalgia and dreaminess, allowing viewers to create their own stories. Embracing the freedom of art, my work is free-flowing, bold, and colorful. I love the tactile strokes and multilayering that oil painting allows, creating richly textured pieces. My process starts with a simple idea as a roadmap, letting instinct guide me. I don't sketch; I let the paint and strokes lead to portray my vision on canvas. This spontaneous approach makes the entire process exciting and fresh, and I hope viewers can share in that excitement. Taking art seriously, I approach my paintings with intuition, awe, and respect.
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