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Julia Hacker
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Julia works from a studio in her home that overlooks a wooded ravine and finds inspiration in the natural order of the universe. Her art draws from many sources of imagery, but consistently possesses a magical and ethereal quality. Whether the image depicts stylized snowfall, glistening flora, or a collaged figure, the work exudes a fleeting element of beauty that transcends reality. Julia primarily creates using painting or illustrated collage. When she paints, she foregoes sketching beforehand, instead allows emotion and intuition to drive the composition. Her collages are influenced by illustration techniques acquired from her Master’s degree in fashion design. Julia likes being able to switch between the two artistic methods, often working simultaneously on multiple projects to keep her creative inspiration fresh and constantly evolving.
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Artist Statement

My art and my life are intertwined. I desire to learn how to live in the moment, be there truly, and search for awareness. It is my state of consciousness from the feelings of appreciation, humbleness, and interconnectedness with the nature of the universe that I strive to express in the creation of art — my process of meditation. Maybe that is why my work is so diverse — from landscapes to abstracts to fashion collages. There is no mandated subject for an artist. We are all one, no matter how different we may seem. I am in awe of the gift of life with all its challenges. Nothing should be taken for granted. Understanding this makes me happy and gives me incredible energy to deal with my busy, noisy days, family, friends, and people around me. I want to share the moments of enlightenment where life flow creates beauty, healing, and, inevitably, hope. My favorite artists include Klimt, E. Schiele, C. Monet, Mark Chagall, G. Richter, R. Rauschenberg, and Cy Twombly. I am attracted (but not adopted) to the philosophy of Confucius, Jiddu Krishnamurti, and philosophical idealist Deepak Chopra.

Artist Background

Belarusian State University
Master of Arts, 1983
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