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Judy Mackey
Montgomery, Texas
Artist Judy Mackey employs a palette knife to infuse her works with texture and movement, embracing an approach characterized by loose details and fewer intricate elements. “My style is impressionistic with simplicity, says Judy. Working mainly with a limited palette of three primary colors and white, Judy finds joy in the creative challenge of mixing her own hues. Whether drawing inspiration from her imagination or real-life scenes, she explores a diverse array of subjects, including female figures, seascapes, and flowers. Transitioning to fine art professionally in 2005 after moving to the US from Japan, where she grew up, Judy credits a local artist's influence on her artistic method. She immerses herself in the nostalgic tunes of the '70s as she works in her well-lit home studio and finds inspiration from paintings of her family and other artists displayed on her walls. Beyond art, Judy enjoys occasionally flipping houses and volunteering at the local Conroe Art League.
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Artist Statement

I have always been interested in art and took painting lessons as a child growing up in Japan, but I entered the world of fine art as a professional artist in 2005. I paint mostly with a palette knife, with a heavy build-up of paint, which gives my paintings a lot of texture. I like working with a limited palette of colors, using either Ultramarine blue or Prussian blue for my blues, Cadmium yellow light, Cadmium red medium or Alizarin Crimson for my reds, and Titanium white, and occasionally adding Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ochre, and or Magenta. I love mixing and deriving new colors within the limited palette of colors. I strive to create beautiful colors and capture the light and shadows along with the textures in every painting. My painting style is impressionistic with simplicity.
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