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Jose H. Alvarenga
San Salvador, San Salvador
Artist Jose Alvarenga's still-life paintings are visual puns presented in amusing compositions. With his unique subject selections, he employs a classical realist style with a gentle nod to surrealism. "I find inspiration from my modest collection of antique objects, particularly those with a quality of nostalgia, symbolism, or humor," says Jose. Focusing on crafting small-scale artworks, he appreciates the intimacy that arises when viewers closely examine his creations. Jose's extensive imagination materializes in a small studio space at his Los Angeles apartment. When he is not painting, Jose enjoys listening to his favorite music, playing pop and classical melodies on his keyboard, and reading art books.

Artist Statement

I paint still life in the classical realist style. I love to paint traditional still lifes and trompe l'oeil. I find inspiration in everyday, nostalgic souvenirs or objects. I love to tell a different story with each new painting I try to paint.

My work is influenced by the great works of the Old Masters: Willem Kalf, Jean Baptiste Chardin, William Harnett, and other greats. Starting my artistic journey at a young age, I began drawing at seven and painting at twenty.

Through my art, I explore the vast world of visual storytelling, drawing from the rich tradition of the Old Masters to express my unique perspective.

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