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John McCabe
Laguna Niguel, California
Artist John McCabe produces graphic illustrations that take a progressive spin on pop art. He typically takes influence from his music to create vibrant caricatures of people, places, and things significant to the industry. Growing up, one of the highlights for John when buying music is the artwork on the packages. Inspired by that, he created art for his first EP, and every subsequent release includes artwork for each single, plus a front and back cover for the record. The pieces are normally tied or related to the lyrics of a particular song, shares John. In the case where I have made a series structured around music, a unique narrative unfolds within each. As imaginative as he is, John usually paints from the island surface of his kitchen or the dining room table. His music studio also doubles as a work area where he does pre-sketches. John has had several profiles from VoyageLA, Shoutout LA, and Queen City Arts and Sounds. His record label has featured his works along with his eclectic music releases.
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Artist Statement

The art that I make is typically inspired by and made as a part of the music that I make. When I am between music releases & recording, I will make 'independent' pieces. The initial inspiration came from the release of my first EP; growing up and buying music, one of the highlights of the music package was the artwork that accompanied the record release (art, liner notes, sometimes colored vinyl). So I decided to create the artwork for the project. Every subsequent release has included artwork for each tune, plus a front and back cover.

Artist Background

University of Wisconsin, Madison
Bachelor of Arts, 1987
Institute for American Universities - Aix-en-Provence
Art History / International Business , 1985


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