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JoAnn Golenia
Venice, Florida
Artist JoAnn Golenia draws inspiration from the beauty of the natural world. Trained as a biologist and having lived in various locations, her expressive realism style captures the unique characteristics of each location using eco-friendly acrylic techniques. Currently, her artistic focus revolves around the natural landscapes of Florida, drawing inspiration from photographs taken during her hikes in local parks. "The everyday outdoors inspires me," shares JoAnn. Despite her studio being a hub of creativity with supplies and artwork, JoAnn Golenia navigates it easily, crafting vibrant and expressive paintings that hold a special place in her heart. Beyond her artistic pursuits, JoAnn's interests extend to staying informed about the latest health research through avid reading. Her multifaceted passion and dedication shine through in her art and her ongoing engagement with the world around her.
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Artist Statement

I have been an artist since childhood. Observing the plants and animals around me inspired me to study and paint this beautiful environment. Growing up, I was trained as a biologist, with a love for natural biology, plants, and animals. Born in Massachusetts, I lived in a semi-rural setting, which led me to appreciate the natural world around me. Moving to Maine, Upstate New York, and finally to Florida, I noticed that the plants and animals changed. Each place had a special signature. My technique for capturing these scenes is eco-friendly acrylic. My current work focuses on natural Florida, but I also travel to other states and enjoy many different landscapes. My style is expressive realism, hoping to show a place’s special features. I am inspired by the everyday outdoors.

Artist Background

SUNY Plattsburgh
Bachelor of Science, 1969
SUNY Plattsburgh
Master of Science, 1975


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