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Jill Poyerd
Leesburg, Virginia
Artist Jill Poyerd finds inspiration in the intricate characters of natural elements. Nature is my artistic muse, with its colors, lighting, and unpredictable patterns, says Jill. To convey stories within the landscape, certain parts of the scene embrace abstraction and minimalism, while other components delve into detailed and realistic portrayals. Whether working with watercolor or oil, Jill captures each moment with a style distinctly her own. Jill attributes much of her artistic journey to her mother's unwavering belief in her abilities and the constant support from her husband. In her spacious and tidy basement studio filled with music, she often uses edited black-and-white versions of personal reference photos for value assessment and relies on a computer monitor or plein air work for color evaluation. Beyond art, Jill delves into writing and reading books, making videos, and actively participating in regional administrative roles.
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Artist Statement

When painting landscapes, I like to focus on a single element in a scene, usually a very mature tree. Older trees have such character. Not in the same way that humans have character, but like humans each tree is unique, and some present beautiful characteristics such as gnarled branches, massive trunks, or a unique overall shape. Some look as though they are clinging to life while others show the marks of trauma from the works of nature. As an artist, I want to highlight these features, much like I would try to capture the unique character of a human. It’s telling their story in a single moment. In all of my paintings, there’s a balance to my thinking. Certain aspects of the scene may be abstract and minimal while other parts may be quite realistic and detailed. I think this gives my work a very unique look, which is important to me, as I don’t want to “look” like anyone else. As for inspiration, nature is my artistic muse: the colors never conflict, the lighting is never “off,” and patterns are almost never predictable. As Michelangelo so aptly put it, ‘Only God creates. The rest of us just copy.”


Loudon Sketch Club
Painting Nature's Palette
AERA: Jill Poyerd, US-amerikanische Künstlerin
Künstlerporträt von Rainer Hillebrand aus Bochum
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