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Jennifer Hanson
Houston, Texas
Artist Jennifer Hanson creates vibrant abstract paintings using harmonious soft colors and fluid paint applications. Her work is informed by her previous career in the interior design textiles and fabrics industry. Jennifer begins her process by drawing inspiration from nature, shapes, colors, and conversations. "I am an experimental and intuitive artist," says Jennifer. She started painting as a hobby, but interest from local admirers led to commissions and a professional career. Her studio, located on the second floor of her home, features a spacious layout with a white pegboard wall, a large window, and a walk-in closet for supplies. Outside of art, Jennifer is a mother of three, engages in philanthropy, and advocates for mental health awareness.
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Artist Statement

I am a Houston-based abstract artist, and my work explores color, texture, and patterns. My art was initially inspired by my previous career in New York's interior design textiles and fabrics industry. I draw inspiration from a diverse array of styles. My art is versatile and adaptable from bold, colorful pieces that energize a space to muted, minimalist works that instill a calming atmosphere. Employing a wide range of techniques and colors continues to excite and fulfill me as a painter.

My process and tools vary due to the versatility of my work. Nature, shapes, colors, photos of rooms or paintings, and even conversations can spark my creative process. When painting from pure inspiration, I often use materials and colors that are readily available. For commissions, I instinctively know where to start. I work with acrylics, texture mediums, oil sticks, oils, brushes, palette knives, and various other items.

Artist Background

Southern Methodist University
Bachelor of Arts, 2004
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