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Jeff Fleming
Dana Point, California
Artist Jeff Fleming paints exuberant portraits of dogs and flowers, reflections of his positive energy. Growing up in Southern California, Jeff was first introduced to fingerpainting in kindergarten. He painted through high school and college and won several art awards, including Best of Show in a city-wide student competition. After graduating with a degree in journalism and advertising, he worked as an art director. For the next 40 years, he created print, radio, and television ads for a number of top agencies. After retiring in 2019, the clouds of stress and pressure cleared and allowed me to set my creative energy free, says Jeff. He began developing new techniques focused on the excitement and energy of painting. Today, he uses a variety of methods and tools, including fingerpainting, traditional paint brushes, bamboo shish kebab sticks, kite string, spray paint, and splattering. While working, Jeff always listens to music, including Broadway musicals, dance music, and rhythmic Hawaiian tunes.
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Artist Statement

Art is alive! I don't just add paint to a canvas. I combine color and composition to create a dynamic spirit. Art should catch your eyes and speak to your emotions. My paintings are meant to be companions; they have personality and character, and when you look at them, they answer back with inspiration. What you see in my work are reflections of positive energy. I want my art to trend away from the negativity in the world and embrace kindness, fun, and happiness. I use a lot of colors, whether complementary or vibrating - I like the serendipity. Using my fingers, brushes, and occasionally string and sticks to apply paint results in a rich tapestry of textures. Dogs are a popular subject for me because they fill our lives with love, loyalty, and reasons to smile. Each morning, I look forward to a 3-mile walk because I know I will cross paths with many fur buddies — ready to smother me in kisses. I take that love and transfer it to art, simple as that.

Artist Background

San Diego State University
Bachelor of Arts, 1978
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