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Hope Rambo
Newton Stewart, Dumfries and Galloway, United Kingdom
Artist Hope Rambo masterfully weaves intricate and multilayered compositions that blur the boundaries between images. Her passion for art sparked at an early age, but it wasn't until her big move to China in 2014 that she began to experience full liberty with her artistic exploration. I experiment with digitally overlapping photographs and delve into the world of intricate collages, which adds layers of depth and complexity to my artistic expressions, shares Hope. Having permanently settled in the UK since early 2023, Hope desires to continue incorporating her fused sense of identity into her visual storytelling. Her home studio constantly adapts to her lifestyle and typically occupies a small but well-organized corner in her guest bedroom, adorned with repurposed containers to house her materials. When she's not painting, Hope knits thoughtful gifts for friends and family, takes leisurely strolls with her husband and their beloved adopted dogs, and indulges in classic films from Hollywood's golden era.
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Artist Statement

I am a painter using acrylic on canvas. I use Photoshop to edit images together, slowly converging them into one multi-layered image, and then paint using what I’ve created as a guide. My paintings always contain at least one woman and often blur the boundaries between the images, which I do to express the muddiness of human memory and the briefness of a person’s existence in time. I have lived most of my adult life in China and Mandarin and Japanese texts, not intended for translation, are often incorporated in my work to remind the viewer that some aspects and mysteries of life remain incomprehensible or unsolvable.
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